How to Remove Gum From Your Ford's Floor Mats

What is the best way Mayfield drivers can get stuck-on bubblegum out of their car's carpeting? One popular new "car hack" claims that freezing the gum with ice cubes for three minutes will remove its stickiness, so it can be peeled off.

Does it work?

Autoblog tried this tip. They placed a few ice cubes in a Ziploc baggie, and let it sit on the gum for several minutes. It did make the surface of the gum less tacky, and froze it solid. However, when it came to the critical step—peeling the gum off—the frozen chewed stuff simply snapped in half, leaving its roots firmly planted in the carpet.

One of the best and easiest ways we've found to remove gum from your Ford's floor mats (or any carpet) is with WD-40. This common household product can loosen up gum's grip on carpet fibers, and is great for removing all sorts of adhesives. Try it out as part of your detailing routine.

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