Replacing Your Car's Battery

There is nothing worse than turning the key in your car, and nothing happens. The car battery is the heart of the car, and without you'll be going nowhere fast.

There are ways that your car will let you know if the battery is getting to the point of needing replacement. Lights won't be as bright, your radio won't work the same, and even the engine could waiver. These are little signs telling you it's losing its steam.

Our Service Department team at Purchase Ford Lincoln will get you in as soon as possible and ensure that your battery is replaced with a new one designed to meet your Ford's specifications. Once your battery is replaced you will immediately notice our car will be back to running at 100%. Let us make sure that you don't have a battery failure somewhere else that could cause you undue expenses. Pay attention to what your car tells you and let our team in Mayfield do the rest.
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