Eco-friendly Sand and Kitty Litter Give Traction in the Winter

Kitty litter is a versatile product. It absorbs moisture which makes for a great litter box filler and it also works to give your tires added traction in the snow. You can carry a little of this in the trunk of your car for getting unstuck.

Cat litter is made of clay so it absorbs moisture very well, actually a little too well. You can sprinkle a little of it around the tires and in their pathway to help them grip better. Be advised though that it tends to get mushy when left too long. It can turn into a soggy, slushy mess quickly.

Many people like the idea of using kitty litter in place of salt because of the chemicals and the fact that it is harsh on your pet's paws. Another alternative to using salt is sand. Sand and kitty litter both work well, and sand does not get slushy when wet.
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