Although the Ford Mustang is a vehicle that has quite a bit of speed behind it, several features can keep you safe on the roads of Mayfield. Your car can remain stable on the road with the AdvanceTrac Electronic Stability Control system. If your vehicle begins to wander on the street, the system will correct the stability while also giving you a warning that there is something wrong so that you can get it fixed at Purchase Ford Lincoln.

Airbags are located on the driver's side and the passenger's side as well as on the overhead curtains to provide more protection in the event that you're in an accident. Sensors are located in the Mustang to detect when someone is in the car so that the proper airbags can be activated if they are needed.

If your tire pressure is low when you're driving in Mayfield, you'll see a warning light on your instrument panel. This warning gives information about the specific tire that has lower pressure so that you can better examine if for any damage that could be present. The Mykey System offers several features that keep the noise levels to a minimum in your vehicle when needed as well as the top speed, which is a safety feature to consider if you have teen drivers. There is an early fuel warning alarm so that you don't drive through Mayfield on empty as well as alerts that indicate the sound system volume might be too high.

A back-up camera allows you to see the area behind your vehicle and is activated as soon as you shift into reverse. A reverse system is available in the Mustang as well and gives a warning sound if there is anything behind your vehicle before moving in reverse. The seatbelts have pre-tensioners to offer added protection if you're in an accident. They will tighten to keep you in an upright position in order to minimize injuries.

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