Oil Change Service in Mayfield, KY

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In need of an oil change service in Mayfield, KY? Come to the Purchase Ford lincoln Service Center. We are a fully-equipped auto service center with factory-trained service technicians who are always ready to professionally handle your vehicles’ oil service. Our Ford dealership also has advanced tools to get the job done perfectly and ensure your engine keeps running smoothly.

In addition, everything we replace in your car, including oil, is of the highest quality and always meets your manufacturer’s specification. You can save some dollars on your next oil change service in Mayfield, KY, by taking advantage of the available service specials.

When and Why Should You Bring Your Car for Oil Change Service?

It is vital to get your vehicle oil routinely serviced, but you should have your vehicle checked out as soon as possible if you notice:

  • increased engine noise,
  • persistent check engine light,
  • low oil level,
  • excess vehicle exhaust,
  • irregular oil texture,
  • more mileage than usual,
  • falling oil level.

When you bring your vehicle to our service center for oil change service, it will improve engine life longevity, efficiency and also result in better mileage. Changing the oil will also assist you in preventing a slow-working inefficient engine and help your car maintain its peak operating performance between services.

If you would like to schedule an oil change service in Mayfield, KY, or have any questions about your vehicle, schedule an appointment online today or give us a call.