A 2021 Ford Mustang Mach E plugged into a Ford mobile charger

As electric vehicles become more mainstream and widespread, it’s natural to have many questions about them. How do you charge an EV? Where are electric car charging stations nearby? For all your Ford EV charging questions, rest assured that our Ford dealership near Hopkinsville has all the answers you’re searching for. We can tell you all about the Ford F-150 Lightning range, Mustang Mach-E charging times and more, so reach out to Purchase Ford for all the details. We can’t wait to help match you with your perfect new Ford EV for sale in Kentucky!

How Do I Charge My Ford EV?

If you’re interested in upgrading to a new Ford EV near Hopkinsville, know that charging it is simple and stress-free. All F-150 Lightning models come with the Mobile Power Cord, which is compatible with a 240-volt connector for easy at-home charging. Meanwhile, the Ford Charge Station Pro comes standard with F-150 Lightning extended-range battery models and is available for standard-range battery models. Want to finance a Ford Mustang Mach-E in Mayfield instead? This all-electric Ford SUV comes with the Ford Mobile Charger, which is compatible with 120-volt and 240-volt home outlets. You can also charge your Ford electric vehicle at public EV charging stations in Kentucky and across country.

How Do I Prepare My Garage for an EV?

Before you purchase a Ford electric SUV or truck, you’ll want to make sure your home’s power supply is sufficient to charge it. You’ll also want to clear out your garage of any clutter and ensure there’s enough space inside to park your vehicle and safely store its charging cable. If you have any other questions about how to prepare a home for an electric car, just know the Purchase Ford sales experts are only a call away!

Where’s an EV Charging Station near Me?

Purchase Ford has a pair of electric car charging stations that you can bring your EV to. When you buy or lease a new Ford EV in Kentucky, you’ll also have access to the Blue Oval™ Charge Network, which boasts over 19,500 stations spread across North America.