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Our service team at Purchase Ford Lincoln in Mayfield, KY understands that you may routinely need a service done on your Ford, and we have the services that you need. We offer a substantial amount of services that will help your vehicle to continue running efficiently and safely no matter where you go throughout the Paducah and Benton, KY areas.

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Tire Services

Tires are the connection between your vehicle and the road, and we want to protect your confidence in your tires by ensuring your tires can continually sustain a grip with the road. We have numerous tire care advice recommendations and we can stress the importance of tires enough. 

We recommend that drivers from Murray, KY seasonally change their tires so that they can safely drive in harsh precipitation or during the dry months. We can change out your tires with new ones from our inventory that have better grip and that have no wear or tear on them.

We can also rotate your tires. We will switch your vehicle's front tires with its back tires, and this action can help even out wear that driving can cause. Tire rotations can also help balance your tires and ensure that your tires have approximately the same amount of tread after a drive.

Additionally, we can inspect your tires for their pressure, tightness and tread usage. Our team will properly set the pressure of each tire to its recommended setting and make sure that no wheels are too loose to be driven with. We will check for any irregular punctures and replace your tires if necessary.

Brake Services

Brakes are an important aspect of driving, and driving without efficient brakes is dangerous since failing brakes can potentially be the result of a car accident. The wear on your brakes depends on your driving style and how frequently you drive.

When you use your brakes, your vehicle's brake pads will wear down and eventually not exert enough pressure on your brake rotors. Your brake rotors cause your vehicle to slow down and eventually stop. We can check your brake pads and make sure they still exert enough pressure on your rotors so that you can stop safely and not have to exert maximum force on your brake pedal. Plus, with our parts center you can get all of the genuine brake parts you could need!

Your brake rotors are what make your vehicle decelerate. If you hear noises when you are braking, your brake rotors are probably the root of the problem. We will install new rotors so that your spinning tires will slow down and so that your vehicle can stop safely without the risk of crashing into an obstacle.

Oil Services

Motor oil is the item that allows your engine to efficiently function. Oil reduces the friction that is present between moving parts inside the engine and can reduce wear of moving parts. Without oil, the engine would work inefficiently to burn fuel and move your vehicle forward.

After a certain number of miles that you drive, oil can stop functioning properly, and you may need to schedule an oil change. During an oil change, our team will replace your old engine oil with fresh oil so that your engine can continue to operate productively. Be sure to ask our staff about their oil change advice!

Battery Services

Your vehicle's battery is the core of your vehicle's operation. The battery supplies power to your engine and accessories that you may use when you are on the roads around Mayfield!

Our technicians can charge your vehicle's battery or replace it so that your vehicle can operate. A weak battery may result in a slow engine startup. If necessary, we will remove any rust or collateral damage that has been done to your battery so that no battery fluid leaks can occur. These battery services can prevent you from being stuck outside your home with a dead battery or from interacting with toxic chemicals from a corroded battery.

Other Services

We will check the other areas of your vehicle and ensure that your windshield wipers function properly and that your vehicle has enough wiper fluid. Our team will inspect your lights and make sure that none have stopped working.

If you are looking for one of the most incredible places to have your Ford serviced or maintained by professionals, visit us at Purchase Ford Lincoln and see what we can offer. Make the drive over to our location today and we are going to surely make servicing and maintaining your Ford completely unique. See you soon!


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